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Mom Thought THIS Medicine Was Safe. Days Later, His Condition Got HORRIBLY Worse…

By Karly Carpena
April 10, 2016

Chickenpox is an infectious disease that causes a mild fever and a rash of itchy inflamed blisters. It is caused by the herpes zoster virus and mainly affects children, who are afterward usually immune.

chicken pocks

The virus is going around again and one parent, Hayley Lyons, warns about the dangers of the popular drug used to treat it: Nurofen/ibuprofen.

She says: “4 different doctors from our local (out of hours) prescribed it for Lewis as we couldn’t get his temp down. This type of medicine is an anti inflammatory, it reacts with chicken pox making them go deeper into the skin tissue. It was only wen we took Lewis to Alderhey because the doctors from our hospital kept sending him home saying it was ‘just chicken pox’ we found this out. He ended up with septicaemia and was admitted straight to Alderhey as soon as we arrived there.”


“Only because we persevered and took Lewis to a children’s hospital off our own back was he ok. This could have ended up so much worse if it wasn’t for those doctors at Alderhey and their advice, care and knowledge.

Only use CALPOL for their temps.

It does actually state on the nurofen website not to take this medicine with chickenpox. (We discovered this after it happened) But when our doctors prescribe it, who are we to question it??”