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You Won’t BELIEVE What Happened To These Kids After Sitting On Their School Toilet!

By Ace Nichols
April 25, 2016

Two kids allegedly suffered major skin reactions from sitting on toilets at school. This happened at two different schools in Canada and is currently being investigated.

CBC reported, that parents were informed last week of the incidents from The Waterloo Region District School Board in Ontario.

Apparently, the two incidents happened around the same time at two different schools – The incidents at Stewart Avenue Public School and Hespeler Public School – but students at both schools are not thought to be in any danger.

One mom told CTV News, her 7-year-old son came home from school with what looked like a bad sunburn on his legs, which was actually second-degree chemical burns that were blistering. He was in a lot of pain and missed two weeks of school because of the reaction.

The mom has since filed a lawsuit against the school board.

Although the cleaning products used could cause reactions in some people, CBC reported that in the letter to parents, the district said that the cleaning products have been inspected and the bathrooms cleaned. It said “children are not at risk.”