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How to Channel Your Inner Femme Fatale

By Giselle
October 4, 2016

A “femme fatale” is usually defined as a deadly woman. Historically, femininity has been a symbol of everything from uniquely sacred to downright evil. The classic femme fatale is a woman who seductively lures men into a fatal trap.

Although undeniably beautiful, the femme fatales of film noir and the golden age of cinema were sometimes presented as one dimensional characters. These women were frequently written from the male perspective.

In spite of this, there are timelessly intriguing qualities that these characters possess that can perpetuate the image of an intoxicating, powerful woman.

There are simple things that you can do in your life to always feel dangerous and mysteriously sensual.

The first change you can make is to throw out everything that doesn’t make you feel beautiful. In the era of cozy leggings and the simple white t-shirt, it may seem like an impossible feat to wear only confidence-inducing outfits. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep your ultra comfortable garments. I have found that silky cream t shirts that fall just off the shoulder make me feel much more demure than those that are boxy and stark white. I have chosen to keep my cable knit sweaters, but throw out my sweatshirts. However, what makes one woman feel beautiful might not work for the next. The idea is that just because you want to be casual, that doesn’t mean you can’t feel lovely.

Another simple adjustment is to add a bit of mystery to your life. I have always spoken loudly and laughed even louder. Try hard as I might to be shy and demure, I always end up betraying my cool exterior. One thing that makes me feel like I am harboring exciting secrets is by writing in a confidential journal. It is something that only I know the contents of, which gives me the internal air of mystery I crave.

The last thing you can do to achieve the timelessness, is to let yourself be inspired by the past. Pepper vintage items into your wardrobe and listen to ballads from the 1940s. There are beautiful things about our current day in age, but the aesthetic value and incomparable poise of the golden era cannot be replicated.

Whether you apply these tips of not, the bottom line is to own your femininity, whatever that means to you.