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Reminder To Honk Your Horn Before Driving Off During Winter

By Karly Carpena
January 27, 2016

Sarah Ann Stevens was driving 50 miles to Spokane, Washington when she heard something coming from the inside of her car…

“When I went to leave costco I heard a thumping then a meowing and my stomach just hit the floor,” Sarah wrote on Facebook.

She decided to pull over, and sure enough, their was a stray cat (Thomas)…“My stomach just hit the floor,” wrote Sarah. “I was crying like a baby because I felt so awful and guilty and worried for Thomas. I opened my hood to find him totally wedged in this spot.” Lucky , Thomas was unharmed, but some cats are not so lucky.


“The three men all kept saying he would bolt or lash out once he was out but as soon as I could I grabbed him …Thomas curled up into my arms,” writes Sarah. “He didn’t bite or scratch anyone the entire time, even when we were pulling his tail and back feet and pushing on his face.”


During the winter, many cats speak warm spots under the hood of cars, inside of the engine, or inside of a tire. That’s why many people advise you to check your car for animals that might have sought out the warmth before you start the car engine.





If you are interested in Thomas you can message Sarah through this Facebook thread.