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Couple Thought They Were Adopting A Kitten Just Like Any Other, But They Were Wrong!

By Ace Nichols
February 29, 2016

A cat-loving couple living in Denmark, Michael Bjorn and Mikala Klein, decided to adopt a new kitten named Monty. But, they never expected to find out what they later learned about him.


Because Monty looked a little different than other cats, he had been living in an animal shelter for years before being adopted. He was missing a bone in his nose and no one seemed to want him. However, that didn’t bother Michael and Mikala, who quickly fell in love with him and brought him home. But, they soon realized that something about Monty was off.


Monty kept going to the bathroom all over the house and would not use the litter box. Michael and Mikala just thought he was trying to mark his territory, but as he kept going, they became frustrated and thought they would try to look for a new home to place Monty in.

After searching for a good home, they decided they didn’t want to give up on Monty and took him to the vet to find out what was going on with him.


They found out that Monty has trisomy 21 – an extra copy of his 21st chromosome. There are only a few animals across the world that have this super rare genetic sequence. For humans, this would be known as Down syndrome.


Now the family finally knew why Monty was acting so strangely and now Monty is happy living with them and the other cats. Monty even has his own Facebook and Instagram pages with tons of fans and followers!


Michael and Mikala also started a “Monty” brand selling all sorts of different items and giving the proceeds to the animal shelter where they found Monty.


Long story short, Monty is a very special, amazing cat who is loved by his family and people all around the world.