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Teen Diagnosed With Testicular Cancer After Taking Pregnancy Test…

By Karly Carpena
January 8, 2016

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A U.K. teenager was diagnosed with testicular cancer after taking a pregnancy test…

Byron Geldard, 19, gave a urine sample for the pregnancy test at the urging of his doctors who knew he had cancer, but weren’t sure which type. “I could have had four or five different types,” Geldard told the Telegraph in 2015.

When the pregnancy test came back positive, doctors knew he had testicular cancer.

“There I was with a positive pregnancy test and something growing inside me. I thought I was going to end up in a documentary,” he said to the Daily Mail.

Dr. Danish Mazhar, an oncologist at Cambridge University Hospitals, told the Daily Mail that the pregnancy test was effective in diagnosing Geldard’s cancer because testicular tumors often produce the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin.

According to the the Telegraph, Geldard found out he had cancer when he went to a local hospital because of a lump in his side. A subsequent ultrasound showed that Geldard had a tumor on his lungs. The day after his diagnosis, he began chemotherapy.

While Geldard was receiving chemo, the hospital monitored his HCG levels.

“The hormone had been really, really high,” he said, “but it was gradually declining which was great news, and the (tumors) in my lungs and abdomen were shrinking.”

In addition to chemo, Geldard had to have surgery to remove the growth, a testicle and part of his lymphatic system before he could be declared cancer free.

“It was a really strange feeling to be told I was OK again — you’re just sort of expected to go back to normal, but my mindset has completely changed,” Geldard told the Telegraph.