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Can The Way You Dress Make You A Genius?

By Giselle
October 10, 2016

Intelligence may not seem correlated with clothing, but according to geniuses like Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg, what you wear can enhance your ability to solve problems. These inventive brains all credit their ability to make decisions to their choice of outfits, or lack thereof.

Many accomplished people choose to wear the same outfit every single day. It may seem boring, but paring down your wardrobe can allow you to make more important creative decisions. Even president Obama chooses to wear similar suits so he can focus on more important matters. This organized minimalism can also extend beyond clothing.

Artists often eat the same lunch so that their imagination can flourish and not be bogged down by having to make minor choices. Director David Lynch will eat the same thing every day to give himself some stability within his highly creative mind.

Besides the mental peace that this kind of repetition can provide, once you find something you like, you might as well stick with it. If wearing a certain outfit makes you feel like you can conquer the world, you should capitalize on that confidence.