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A Bus Driver In Ottawa Saw A Woman In Distress And Did The Best Thing Possible

By Ace Nichols
May 1, 2016

Brenan Fowlie, an Algonquin College student, was riding on the bus around 1 a.m. Wednesday when he witnessed a good deed and snapped a photo that has now gone viral on Facebook with over 6,000 shares.

The Ottawa bus driver, who was driving the bus Fowlie was riding on, drove past a distressed woman on the side of the road who was underdressed for the weather and looked as though something was terribly wrong. The bus driver pulled over and persuaded the woman to get on the bus, telling Fowlie and another passenger that they would be taking a detour.

The driver then went to a Park & Ride and called the police, before heading to the back of the bus to console the woman. Fowlie’s bus ride was delayed 30 minutes, but he was not upset about it and wanted to share this photo of the bus driver taking the time to talk to the woman to inspire others to stop and help people.

Brendan Fowlie

Brendan Fowlie

Along with the photo, Fowlie wrote about the bus driver on Facebook, “I chatted with him for a while after we left, and it turns out he only started driving 8 months ago. You made the right call hiring this person, and I know that a lot of operators don’t get the recognition they deserve for the job they do. Seems these days you only hear about them when they do something wrong, as opposed to going above and beyond what is normally expected of them. I’m thankful that there are people like this out there.”

The driver is being recognized by OC Transpo, who tweeted that management has seen the story and Transecure will be considering the driver for his good deed.

If anything, this is a reminder to always stop and help someone that you can clearly tell needs help and to not just walk past them. It can do more than you think.

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