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40 Boys Wore Suits And Fedoras To School – The Reason Why Brought Me To Tears!

By Karly Carpena
April 14, 2016

When Jennifer Keefe’s 10-year-old son, Timothy, came home from school last year and asked for her to buy him suit, she was taken back.

“Ten-year-old boys like to wear Under Armor and sweatshirts,” Keefe recalls. “I asked him why he needed a suit.”


When she asked her son why he needed a suit, he replied: “We’re all wearing them,” he said, “to show Danny we support him.”

You see, Danny was bullied everyday at school for wearing a dress shirt and a fedora – he also didn’t talk very much. The reason? Danny has apraxia of speech, a motor disorder that makes it difficult for him to communicate. Kids would make fun of him for not talking and didn’t understand why he never replied to their mean jokes.

Danny is the Bridgewater Badgers’ football team manager, so Timothy and the other players decided to do something about it.

They created “Danny Appreciation Day,” where they all dressed up in suits and proudly walk around school. In total, more than 40 boys wore suits to support Danny who led the march.


“Danny started crying when he saw everyone in suits that day,” Keefe recalls. “He was only 6 but it was like he understood the magnitude of what happened. I’m just so thankful the parents in my community raised such kind young men.”

Nearly six months later, Danny can confidently walk around the school hallways. “It’s kind of the opposite now,” Keefe told The Mighty. “Kids go up to him and say, ‘Hey, you’re the kid from TV!’”

h/t The Mighty