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Do You Have Blue Eyes? What This College Professor Discovered Is ASTOUNDING…

By Karly Carpena
February 21, 2016

Professor Hans Eiberg from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark made an astounding discovery about people with blue eyes.

4While most light-skinned babies are born with blue eyes, that color fades as they grow older – 90% of the world population has brown eyes.


3But crazy enough, 7,000 years ago, 100% of the population had brown eyes. When the first blue-eyed child was born in Spain, people were shocked!

The reason why he had blue eyes was because of a genetic mutation of the OCA2 gene.


2This genetic mutation spread across Europe within the course of several thousand years thanks to population migration and a huge expansion of the gene pool.

Any person born today with blue eyes is a semi-direct descendant of this first blue-eyed person. That means that anyone born with blue eyes is “technically” a distant relative…And that is what Professor Hans Eiberg’s study proves.


1Every human eye is actually blue. Any other colors that appear are due to the presence of the substance melanin, which is responsible for our eye, hair, and skin color. The less melanin there is in the cells of the iris, the lighter the eyes are.