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Doctors Can’t Figure Out Why This 17-Year-Old Girl Bleeds From Her Eyes And Ears

By Karly Carpena
March 14, 2016


17-year-old, Marnie-Rae Harvey, went to the doctors after coughing up blood. But after running numerous tests, doctors came up with nothing. Over the next few years, her symptoms started worsening when she woke up with blood pouring out of her eyes.

“Normally it’ll bleed for about five minutes then stop for an hour but it’s been happening for half and hour and stopping for five minutes. I have to keep getting up in the night but I’m sick every day about five times,” Miss Harvey told BBC Newsbeat.


Now she reportedly bleeds from her ears, nose, gums, scalp, fingernails, and tongue.

Her illness has gotten so bad that she is homeschooled and is struggling to find an answer she so desperately needs.

“We’ve had it confirmed that Marnie does not have a brain tumour or brain AVM – an abnormal collection of blood vessels,” her mother said. “Her blood tests come back clear and healthy, her iron levels are strong.”

“She has no tumours, no blood diseases and no blood clotting disorders. Her blood clots well.”

There is a condition called “haemolacria” which causes bleeding from the eyes, but modern medicine has yet to find a cure or cause.

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h/t IFL Science