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Farmer Pops The World’s Largest Abscess

By Karly Carpena
April 11, 2016

We’ve seen a lot of pimple popping videos, but this one takes the cake! They literally fill buckets up with puss from the cows abscess.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 4.46.21 PM

A growth [Like the one in the video below] starts small, but it grows gradually to get to a size this massive. Farmers usually have thousands of acres of land with cattle roaming on them.

Most likely, this cow was out in the pasture and was found after the abscess had grown that big.

It is normal for cows to sometimes grow large abscesses and for farmers to have to pop them to make sure they don’t get larger / cause more health problems.

People on the internet are calling this the “Largest pimple popping video ever”.