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20 Ultimate Mom Hacks To Make Your Life A Million Times Easier

By Karly Carpena
December 13, 2015

Having kids is a constant adventure. There are always little surprises that pop up over the course of the day. These tricks are simple, save time, and help your kids. So everyone wins! That’s why I can only recommend them for everyday use.

1. So that your kids aren’t afraid of monsters in the night: you need just a spray bottle and a few stickers to make your own “Monster spray.”


2. Parents of twins know the problem. Who is who? The solution is extremely funny.


3. Splinters can be helped by some baking soda. It helps to drive the splinter back out.


4. Baking soda is also great for removing stains.


5. For smaller misfortunes extra long maxi pads are perfect. If your kid is having problems getting to the toilet, but is too old for diapers, they are the perfect solution.


6. A cupcake form keeps your popsicle from dripping everywhere and making things sticky. So that you don’t attract bees!