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Before Jim Carrey’s Ex-Girlfriend Died, She Left Him THIS Heartfelt Note…

By Karly Carpena
August 3, 2016

Jim Carey is one of Hollywood’s most successful comedians. He has made us LOL in movies like Ace Ventura, Truman Show, and The Mask. While most of us think his life is uplifting and full of laughter, but for the last couple of years, the actor’s private life has been extremely troublesome.

For a couple years, Jim Carey was in a loving relationship with professional makeup artist, Cathriona White. The couple was often spotted laughing on the streets of New York or vacationing together in Europe. But the fairytale came to a sudden halt, when the 30-year-old took her life.

1Cathriona White and Jim Carey dated one and off from 2012-2013.


2After they broke up, Cathriona struggled with insomnia and loss of appetite – sinking into a deep depression.


3“She was madly in love with Jim and that their relationship was a rollercoaster… that she tied her identity to his and that she felt he was slipping away from her.”


4Jim Carrey noticed that his prescription pills were missing, so he reached out to her via Facetime…But his calls were left unanswered.

See her heartbreaking suicide note she left Jim Carrey by clicking the CONTINUE button below..