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He Cuts A Hole In His Wall. What He Reaches In And Finds? THIS IS CRAZY!

By Ace Nichols
March 3, 2016

Larry noticed at least 200 bees flying around outside of his house and he knew something was up. He then contacted someone on Craigslist to come out and remove them, because he didn’t want to just have them killed.

He cleared off a space in the wall and covered it with plastic. The man from Craigslist and Larry then put on protective gear and the man cut into the wall.


They found a 6-8 month old hive hiding in Larry’s wall – it was HUGE! Then they used smoke and a vacuum to remove them. He took pieces of the hive off, one by one, and one of them was all honey, so he was on the hunt to find the queen.


Apparently, the honey is always found on the top for insulation, with the babies underneath and then there are bigger spots which are queen cells and those will make new queens. The specialist also said the old queen will take half the hive with her to make new hives.


In only seven days, the larva underneath will turn into bees. The specialist put all the bees in a box and brought them outside. The 95% of the bees saved were brought to a bee farm, instead of killing them off as an exterminator would have done.


It’s good to have the bee farms and people who will come out and save the bees, because they play a huge role in sustaining our planet’s ecosystem.

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