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This Bar Will Save It’s Customers From Bad Tinder Dates In The Best Way!

By Ace Nichols
April 20, 2016

The Brickyard, a bar located in the U.K., has been gaining a lot of attention for it’s awesome way of getting customers out of weird and awkward Tinder dates.

James Hanning, the owner of the bar and it’s sister bar, The Sunrunner, says one of their policies is to look after women who may be put into uncomfortable situations while at the bar.

After his managers told him they had been questioned by different women asking them if they thought their dates looked like their pictures, they decided to do something that might help.

The Brickyard put up a sign in the women’s restroom letting them know that they can come to the bar and request help to get out of a bad or uncomfortable situation.

Photos of the sign have been showing up on the internet and people seem to think the sign is a genius idea!

After receiving some critique on the sign from the public to make it gender-neutral, The Brickyard decided to change “his” to “their” and also place a sign in the men’s restroom as well.

Internet dating is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down. Having signs like these and plans in place at establishments like bars and restaurants is a fantastic idea, because it’s scary to meet strangers. Even if you’re meeting someone you don’t really know in a public place, it’s good to know the staff will have your back if something starts to go wrong.

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