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Mom Delivers A BEAUTIFUL Baby Girl. Seconds Later, Doctors Notice THIS On Her Pelvis…

By Karly Carpena
March 2, 2016

Gemma and Craig Edwards were excited to be new parents to their baby girl. But nothing could prepare them for what happened next…


Doctors soon realized that baby Skye had an abnormal pelvis, which would make traditional birth difficult. Instead, they decided to deliver the newborn via c-section. Once she came into the world, both the parents and doctors noticed something wasn’t right.


Skye was born with a rash all over her body and had a high risk of internal bleeding, with lung, heart and blood problems. The doctors told Gemma and Craig to prepare for the worst…


Days later, Skye’s condition stabilized enough for her to be airlift to another hospital better suited for her condition. Doctors then put her in a medically-induced coma, where the parents were able to hold their child for the first and possibly only time.


Skye was kept in a coma for two days and was forced to use a ventilator for a week. No matter what the doctors did, nothing seemed to be working.

Just when doctors and the family had given up hope, Skye’s health took a turn for the better. Two blood transfusions and five platelet transfusions later, Skye made a full recovery!


“I’ve never been a believer in miracles, but Skye genuinely is a miracle. Now every day we are looking at a miracle,” Gemma wrote on the Facebook page. “She’s still here and to be well and making a full recovery is just astonishing.”


Today Skye is a happy, healthy, beautiful baby.