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His Wife & Baby Died During Childbirth. Moments Later, Doctors Hear THIS & Rush To The Monitor…

By Karly Carpena
December 10, 2015

The Hermanstorfer family were looking forward to introducing a beautiful new baby boy into their lives on Christmas eve when tragedy strikes…twice!


Everything seems normal, the contractions are regular, and Tracy knows what it’s like to bear children. Then suddenly there is a dramatic change: there are complications and the doctors are getting nervous. Mike doesn’t know what has happened but he instinctively realises that something isn’t right. Suddenly he hears an elongated, penetrating beep: Tracy’s heart has stopped beating.


Suddenly the doctors are also panicking. They hectically try everything to bring Tracy back but it’s all in vain. The seconds turned into minutes and each is torture to Mike, who can’t do anything but stand by and watch. He has to watch as Tracy turns pale and then grey. After 4 nerve-wracking minutes the doctors declare her dead. Every second counts for the baby now! The doctors know that they have to induce the birth immediately, if there’s going to be any chance for the baby. It’s now a matter of life and death. They explain to the completely bewildered Mike, who has just lost his wife, that they will now begin the caesarean.


The room is filled with beeping machines, hoses and frenzied voices, but Mike is still in shock and barely notices his surroundings as he absently nods. He stares at the body of his beloved Tracy and watches as the doctors cut open her stomach in order to save his unborn child. The doctors pull the newborn out and a tense few seconds pass as everyone waits for the relieving cry of the baby. The sign that proves that the child’s lungs have filled with air. The doctors however, are too late and the child is stillborn. Mike is now deaf to the world and appears in a daze as his small son is placed in his arms. Then the unexpected happens: still very weak, the young boy’s chest begins to slowly rise and fall. Then the baby fills his lungs and begins to cry. So loudly that everyone knows: he lives!


Then a sudden miracle occurs: before the doctors have time to cover Tracy’s body and take her out of the room her heart begins to beat again! Weak and irregular, but slowly and surely the heartbeat gets stronger. She opens her eyes and looks at the unbelieving faces. Nobody can explain what happened or how Tracy came back to life, but Mike is overjoyed and together with his wife delights in their strong little boy, who now sleeps peacefully unaware of the wonderful rescue he’s had!


Today he is a lively 3 year old, loved by his brothers and parents. Even now nobody knows what happened to Tracy, nor can they medically explain how their son awoke. Mike and Tracy are simply thankful that their family of five has survived and celebrate every year their Christmas wonder.