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Baby Boy Born Without A Nose Is Winning Hearts On Facebook

By Karly Carpena
August 25, 2016

1 in 197 million babies are born without noses. The condition, known as congenital arhinia, is extremely rare with only about 47 cases being reported so far. But baby Eli is taking the internet by storm with his cuteness!


Mom, Brandi McGlathery, gave birth on March 4, 2015 to Eli Thompson. When Eli came into the world, doctors at the hospital had never seen his condition and rushed him to a specialty hospital over an hour away.


She had no idea if her baby would make it through the night: “That entire night, I was scared, alone, & confused,” she wrote on her GoFundMe page. “I called every 15 minutes to ask if my child was still alive.”


Doctors realized that with Eli’s condition, the boy wouldn’t be able to eat and breathe at the same time. He underwent a tracheostomy where an opening is made in the windpipe to allow breathing.


Unfortunately, that surgery wouldn’t be even close to the last. Click over to the next page to see what he looks like today!