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He Wanted To Know Why His Wife Was Always So ‘Tired’. What He Captures On Hidden Camera? OMG!

By Karly Carpena
March 12, 2016

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The short film produced for the “Itsumo-Arigato-Project (Thank-You-Always Project),” by Kao Corporation in Japan, shows how hard women work day in and day out.

A survey of 100 men and women on the streets of Tokyo revealed that women carried loads that weighed on average 7.2kg, twice as heavy as the loads carried by men walking around the city on a regular weekday. 18% of the women interviewed carried loads over 15kg.

The film captures the day of a young mother living in Tokyo with her husband and baby son. Her husband secretly watches her from inside a van, but he becomes speechless when he finds out what really goes on when he is at work.

Thank You Always by lotta-gruen