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Any Great Boyfriend Will Never Ask You To Do Any Of These 10 Things

By Karly Carpena
September 28, 2016

We all know that any good relationship has many gives and takes but there are some items that your man should never ask of you. Read on to see our opinion on the subject and let us know if you agree ladies!

1 Hang out With His Ex


Some people stay on good terms after they break up, and that’s fine. But sitting around with the girl he used to hook up with is just awkward.

2 Make Him a Sandwich


Feeding your boo every so often is a nice gesture and one that’s especially cool if you both do this for each other. But if he expects you to wait on him regularly, he isn’t showing a lot of respect for you or your relationship.

3 Get Into All His Favorite Shows


If anything he’s tho one that should be asking YOU whats on Bravo tonight 😉

4 Lose Weight


Your boyfriend should be happy with how you look, not trying to change it. If he’s asking you to drop some pounds or making you feel self-conscious about your body, it’s time to go.

5 Buy Gifts for His Friends or Family on Your Own


He knows these people better than you. If he’s not willing to go on Amazon and buy them something, why should it fall on you to do it?

6 Change Your Relationship Status on Facebook


7 His Laundry


You’re his girlfriend, not his housekeeper. If he’s still too immature to do his own laundry, he’s not ready for a relationship.

8 Take Care of His Drunk Friends


His drunk, sloppy friends are his responsibility, not yours. If they have a few too many, it’s not on you to babysit them.

9 Plan a Vacation Without His Help


A vacation should be something you plan togetehr. That way you are both sure to enjoy and make the most of it. Try picking items that he likes, and he will do the same.

10 Be His Alarm Clock


He needs to learn to get up on his own. If he can’t get up on time without someone waking him up, then he needs to move back in with his parents.