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Animal Control Confiscates Legally Blind Man’s Pitbull After It Saved His Life

By Karly Carpena
December 7, 2015

A loyal dog hovers over its owner after a fire burns down their house in Maryland. The man and woman are expected to recover, but their dogs were confiscated because Prince George’s County has banned residents from owning pit bulls since 1997.


Yesterday the legally blind 65-year-old woke up to smoke and flames in his Landover Hills home.

“When I opened my door the flames from the room next to me came out.”

Newell and his adult daughter escaped with their three dogs, including “Precious” the pit bull, who a news photographer captured standing guard beside her burned owners in the home’s front yard.

Newell’s son, who spent his day recovering photos, valuables and medications, says his dad lost his home to fire, and lost his dogs to the law.

“And I thought it would be with me until the day I die, but everything’s changed.”

Jimmy Newell’s options are quite limited. He can either move out of Prince George’s County and re-adopt his dogs or find a non-county resident to do the same.