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Woman Ends Up Falling For Donor Who Fathered Her Baby

By Karly Carpena
January 10, 2016


Aminah Hart used an anonymous sperm donor in order to give birth to daughter Leila. A year later she decided she wanted Leila to meet her father, but it was her own reaction that has us smiling from ear to ear!

Hart, a 45-year-old London-born Australian, and Scott Andersen, an Australian cattle farmer and football coach, fell in love and are now engaged, according to a November 2014 report filed by the Mirror.

When she was 42, Hart selected Andersen out of five finalists for a sperm donor. She chose his profile largely because he described himself as both happy and healthy, according to the Mirror.

When her daughter was born, Hart decided she wanted the girl to meet her father, if he was willing to. She contacted the agency that provides the donors, and Andersen agreed to meet her and Leila a few days after the baby’s first birthday, according to the Daily Telegraph.

They hit it off and began meeting once a month, than once a week, despite the 80-mile distance between their homes. An attraction was born and the pair got engaged while on holiday in Thailand, according to the Telegraph report.

The couple have reported that they have been contacted by Hollywood moviemakers who are interested in turning their story into a film.