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After teens covered this puppy in industrial glue, rescuers help him make a full recovery

By Karly Carpena
November 19, 2016


Pictures of Pascal the puppy show him in horrible condition and looking terrified after his ordeal. The stray puppy was left for dead after being covered in industrial glue and dragged through mud by cruel children.



The dog is believed to be only four months old and could hardly move through fear and ill health giving him similar symptoms to rigor mortis.


Such was the extent of the abuse suffered by Pascal that he lost hearing in one of his ears – pictured his matted fur covers one side of his body.


He was found near an industrial estate in Istanbul, Turkey, and is being looked after by the charity He’Art of Rescue.


Pascal’s skin looks red raw after the vets shave off his dirty and matted fur at the He’Art of Rescue clinic in Istanbul.


Pascal had to endure a number of chemical baths due to the extreme damage the chemicals in the glue did to his skin.


After being the torment of his mal-treatment Pascal was so terrified that he often turned his back when approached – but weeks later he has finally regain his confidence.


Pascal was nursed back to health by the team at the clinic.



When he was found vets feared the worse for Pascal, but now there is hope that he could re-homed with a new loving owner.


Pascal has made friends with staff at the clinic as well as another puppy who he enjoys cuddling up next to and playing with.