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After Reading This, You Will Never Use A Paper Cover On A Public Toilet Again…

By Karly Carpena
July 10, 2016


Most of us will do anything possible to avoid touching the bathroom door, the flusher, or the seat, but is it all really necessary?


A study recently stated: “What we found was despite all our worries that these horrible germs are everywhere, it’s really not the case.” At the same time, he admits there are certain surfaces that are packed with bacteria you definitely won’t want to carry around all day.


Public bathrooms are designed to help people keep out of contact from bacteria and other types of disease.


One of the biggest myths is that you can get a STD from sitting on a public toilet…There is no scientific evidence that backs this up.


The truth is that toilet paper and seat covers are known to carry bacteria. The material is ideal for carrying all kinds of bacteria.


So you are better off NOT using the seat cover and going to the bathroom by sitting directly on the seat.