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Adorable Reunion of the UPS-Obsessed Boy And His Favorite Delivery Driver

By Karly Carpena
December 26, 2015

When my son was a young boy, he wanted to grow up to be a fireman. But one 4-year-old in Colorado Springs took it to another level!


Carson Kight is a HUGE fan of his local UPS delivery man, who he calls Mr. Ernie, that the company decided to make him a truck of his own.

The company uploaded a video of Carson making deliveries to his neighbors in his miniature truck with the help of a homemade map.


Mr. Ernie, whose real name is Ernest Lagasca, was recently transferred to a different route and no longer sees Carson every day.

Carson and Lagasca reunited on Tuesday when UPS arranged for the boy to come meet with a whole fleet of drivers, including his friend Mr. Ernie.

“Carson wanted to have a reunion with Mr. Ernie and so we thought how about let him see a lot of the big brown trucks,” UPS spokeswoman Susan Rosenberg told ABC News.


“This really began from infancy. He would come and make regular periodic deliveries — it was special formula– and when Carson became aware, he began watching out the window and then started going outside,” Rosenberg said. “The two bonded.”

Carson’s dad Jim Kight thinks it’s great that his son has a passion at such a young age.


Watch the full story in the video below: