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Couple Decides To Adopt One Newborn Baby, But On The Way To The Hospital They Get A Big Surprise!

By Ace Nichols
May 31, 2016

Josh and Allison met in college and fell in love. They got married in 2000 and talked about building a family together. At first, they discussed having only two, maybe three, children together. However, life took a few different turns for the couple and they embraced them every step of the way.

Allison gave birth over the years to three children, Abby (11), Jack (9) and Isabel (8). A few years down the road, Josh and Allison decided to adopt Micah (5) and later they had their fourth biological child, Julia (3). After Julia, their family was complete, or so they thought.

Allison received an unexpected call from her friend and adoption attorney. She knew of a birth mom looking for a family for her baby. Allison and Josh discussed adopting the newborn baby and decided to bring the baby into their lives.

So, once they received word that the birth mother was in labor, the whole family jumped into the car and headed to the hospital in North Carolina where she was giving birth. On the way there, Allison received a call from her adoption attorney with shocking news.

After an ultrasound performed by the doctors, she informed Allison that there was not only one baby, there were two babies. Allison and Josh were shocked and a little scared at first, but it quickly turned to pure joy – and that’s when they received a second call with more news that they weren’t quite prepared for.

An emergency c-section was about to take place and they were unsure if baby B would survive the delivery. Allison and Josh still had two hours to go in the car before they made their way to the hospital, but once they did, Allison jumped out of the car and ran up to the postpartum floor to find the nurses cuddling with a healthy baby boy. Meanwhile, the baby girl was in the NICU unit and was born with only a brain stem.

Doctors told Allison, “You don’t have to take her. We know this isn’t what you signed up for.”

But, Josh and Allison weren’t thinking anything like that at all. They believed this little girl was their daughter, no matter what. The next three weeks were spent by the little girl’s side while she was still in the hospital.

After she was stable enough, they were able to transport her to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, AL, where the family lived and she spent three more weeks there in NICU.

After spending over a month in the hospital, little Ava Leigh Lewis was finally able to come home to her family.

Although Ava’s life will be much shorter than any of them would ever want, they will love and cherish her in their family for however long she is with them.

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