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Doctor Sends Baby Home To Die. But When She Does THIS, She RUSHES To The Hospital…

By Karly Carpena
March 1, 2016

After Abigail Jones was born, her parents, Erica and Stephen, were already preparing their daughter’s funeral. During the 18th week of Erica’s pregnancy, doctors confirmed that she not only had down-syndrome, but also an inoperable brain tumour.

Doctors told the new parents to take their daughter home and spend as much time with her as they could. Erica even scheduled a photoshoot to try and capture the last memories of their previous newborn.


But something miraculous happened, weeks went by and Abigail grew and laughed like any newborn would do. Erica and Stephen decided to get a second opinion and took her to Boston Children’s Hospital. The new results from the brain scans changed their lives forever…


“In the hospital in Florida, Abigail was sent home to die. But I looked at the scans of Abigail’s brain again more closely and saw something else: that maybe the tumour isn’t malignent”, said neurosurgeon Dr. Alan R. Cohen, from the Boston Children’s Hospital. “I phone the mother and told her that we shouldn’t give up on Abigail just yet.”


Up until now, Erica had prepared for the worst. “It scared me to hold onto that hope. I’d let go of hope. Now suddenly, I believe again that my baby will live. Even when they say that there’s not a 100% chance of success. But I brace myself on this hope”, says Erica.


It turned out that the tumour wass benign! The doctors said they could remove the entire tumor without it coming back again.

“This is a story with a very sad beginning and a very happy ending. I’m jumping for joy! I can hardly breathe, when I look at this wonderful girl. My girl. I can keep you! I can hardly wait to see how you live your live. Simply overwhelming!”


Abigail is recovering and the family is filled with joy! It’s always important to get a second opinion in matters like this.