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Abandoned puppy was left for dead in a swamp, now looks completely different

By Karly Carpena
November 28, 2016

The canine was curled up like a ball, avoiding eye contact with humans. As they inspected closer, they realized the animal was in rough shape. He was unresponsive, like he had given up…


The humans were able to get close to the dog, even if it refused to respond to them. The officers gave the animal some food. This gave them the opportunity to inspect the pup further. They found he was suffering from severe mange and the face looked injured and bleeding…


The animal’s condition was so weak officers had to assist the dog in order to move. Sandra Dezelen, the founder of the non-profit Dezzy’s Second Chance Animal Rescue took the canine in. The frightened animal had a staph infection on the skin, an ear infection, and the eyes were damaged. It needed surgery…