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This Trailer Has Been Abandoned Since 1950, Then Someone Looked Inside…INCREDIBLE!

By Ace Nichols
June 29, 2016

For decades, people were curious about this 1950s trailer. Bright yellow in color, this trailer hadn’t been used for years and everyone thought it was just a piece of junk.

9Then, someone decided to step inside to take a look.


8Inside, the trailer was preserved to absolute perfection! All of it’s original charm was kept intact from the furniture to the decor, as well as the appliances straight out of the 1950s. Take a look inside this time capsule of awesomeness for yourself.

This is a 35-foot 35-foot Vagabond trailer, only slightly used. The couple just parked it and left it alone for decades! The paint doesn’t even seem to be faded on the outside.


7It was built for people who moved around a lot in search of better weather or jobs and could be used as a fully functional home.

The new owner was really expecting to see the worst when entering this vintage vehicle, but instead they were stunned at the condition of everything inside.


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