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A Man Legally Named ‘Santa Claus’ Just Got Elected To City Council In A Town Called ‘North Pole’

By Karly Carpena
October 17, 2015

You can officially tell you kids that Santa Claus is real and he lives in a place called the North Pole. But between us, the man legally changed his name to Santa Claus and the town is North Pole, Alaska.

Thomas Patrick O’Connor, who changed his name to Santa Claus back in 2005 because of his love for Christmas, just won a three-year term to North Pole’s city council.


With almost three-hundred thousand followers on Facebook, he loves to act as Santa Claus for all the kids in the community around Christmas time.


He recently posted on Facebook: “My thanks to everyone who voted for me, the news media that covered my campaign, and all who supported my run for office via social media.”


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