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Bride Dances With A Special Man At Her Wedding. When I Saw Who It Was, I Burst Into Tears!

By Karly Carpena
December 24, 2015

Gretta was only 15 years old when she got some devastating news…

“It started at summer soccer practices, I just couldn’t keep up with the girls,” Greta told Ellen Degeneres. “I woke up one morning with a really sore throat, so my mom took me to the doctor, thinking, oh, strep throat, worst case mono and the results came back with a leukemia diagnosis.”

Gretta’s only hope of survival was to receive a bone marrow transplant, an incredibly painful procedure that also required a perfect donor match. Unfortunately, no one in Gretta’s family was a match. Things looked grim for Gretta, until a man named Danny Daniels changed everything…

Danny, an army veteran, happened to be in the system because he attempted to serve as a donor to his friend 10 years ago. When he heard about Gretta, he didn’t give a second thought to donating.

“As soon as I found she was 15, how can you not give a young person a match?”

Danny saved Gretta’s life 10 years ago. Gretta, now 25, is about to get married and she decided to do something very special to commemorate Danny on The Ellen Show!

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