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8th-Grader Was Experiencing Abuse At School. So His Mom Posted THIS Letter He Wrote On Facebook…

By Karly Carpena
November 16, 2015

Za’Khari Waddy, an eighth-grader at Tabb Middle School, says he is at his breaking point because of the daily abuse he receives since the family moved to Yorktown four years ago. Fed up with the fact that school does nothing to help him, his mother posted a letter he wrote describing the type of abuse he deals with:

The letter read:

To Whom It May Concern:

Yesterday on the football bus coming from our football game a kid … started saying racist things to me. He then started saying he does not like blacks and he told me 200 years ago my ancestors hung from a tree and after he said that I should I hang from a tree. That made me super mad, so in the locker room I told him not to call me n***** or that I should be hung on a tree. The coaches took me away from the kid because I was really mad and they think I was going to fight him but I want someone to do something about it because I’m tired of boys messing with me because of my skin. I’m at my boiling point with this. Please do something about this because when I bring it to the office/principle you do nothing about it and I’m tired of the racism.


“My son has been asked if he was going to rape a young lady or rob her,” Powell told Business Insider. “He has been called the N-word on the school bus and in the school, and pushed into lockers, told that his ancestors hung from the trees 200 hundred years ago and that he should as well.”

The York County School System did release a statement online responding to the claims.

“We would like to assure our community that the school administration took immediate steps to investigate the report and that appropriate disciplinary actions were taken in accordance with the division’s student conduct code, division policies, and procedures,” the statement said.

Powell doesn’t believe the school has gone far enough to punish racism at the school. “The same way they suspend somebody for 10 days for getting in a fight, it’s the same thing with words,” she said.

“You can’t take that back. You can’t just say you should be hung from a tree. The effect you have once those words are released from your tongue are everlasting.”