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8 Cleaning Mistakes You Are Making In The Kitchen

By Karly Carpena
September 22, 2016


Sometimes things that look clean aren’t as clean as they could be — we know, sad. Perhaps your current practices are adding serious wear and tear over time. Or maybe your technique just doesn’t get rid of little things that your eyes don’t notice. Either way, we’re here to offer some serious insight (and solutions!) to these problem spots:

1 You’re not hand-washing some glassware.


If you just toss all of your plates and glasses into your handy dishwasher at the end of the night, wait! Vintage or hand-painted pieces should be hand-washed only. And for newer glasses, you should keep a close watch too: If you start to see the glass “etch” or get an iridescent haze, you should switch to your hands too, Hard water film can be removed with white vinegar, but etching is permanent.

2 You’re too organized with your spoons.


Sure, pointing all your utensils in the same direction in your dishwasher might make unloading ’em easier, but there’s a chance they won’t be as clean. “Spoons should be loaded with some up and some down in the dishwasher’s flatware basket to keep them from nesting,” says Forte. If they do nest, there’s a chance some of the gunk won’t get be exposed to the cleaning cycle.

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