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7 Things Men Secretly Love About Women

By Karly Carpena
August 16, 2016

As women we are always trying to figure out what makes our men tick. Now the low hanging fruit is obviously getting dressed up for a night on the town and bashing those eyelashes, but studies have shown the following seven items secretly turn men on more than we may think ladies 😉

1 Ponytails


So much of the time I wear my hair down but I always seem to get compliments from my boyfriend when I wear it up. He loves seeing all the features of my face 🙂

2 Glasses


Even though all us girls know that we are the smartest beings alive glasses can give you an edgy look of intelligence and confidence.

3 Sneakers


Even though a sneaker may seem too casual at times, I find they can be a super fun addition to the right outfit and he always seems to notice.

4 Baseball Caps

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I love wearing baseball caps because it shows that we can be casual and fashionable all at the same time.

5 Their Clothes


Although they may pretend like they don’t want you stealing their favorite shirt, they will secretly love that you want to be ion something they own.

6 Leather Jackets


Not only is it a bold fashion statement, but it makes a girl look confident and lets be real, what man does not like a confident girl 😉

7 Jerseys


Ah yes, sports. Our men love them so much so what better way to get his attention than by rocking his favorite team on our back!