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7 Tips To Clean Your Kitchen That Truly Work!

By Ace Nichols
May 25, 2016

The kitchen is one of the rooms inside of our homes that get the dirtiest. But, with these amazing tips, you’ll have your kitchen sparkling clean in no time!

1. Get rid of that oily layer of kitchen grime.


Remove the layer of dusty, oily film that accumulates on the top of surfaces in the kitchen by using a microfiber cloth after dipping it in very hot water. The hot water will soften up the caked-on grime making it easily to remove from the surface.

2. Eliminate lingering smells quickly.


We all know that the lingering smell left in the kitchen after making a steaming pot of vegetable soup or some bacon at breakfast. You can eliminate those smells quickly by simply placing some white vinegar to simmer on the stove for a bit. Your home will return back to it’s normal smell in no time!

3. Remove nasty gunk from kitchen appliance crevices.


There’s nothing worse than having gross, dried egg stuck inside of tiny crevices in your kitchen appliances. Sometimes, it seems like there’s absolutely no way to get the stuff out of there. But, if you try using a toothpick or another small and pointy-ended object (like a skewer) you will have some luck in removing some of that gunk.

4. Get rid of all of those annoying fruit flies.


There are a ton of tricks to get rid of fruit flies that really work, like placing a cup of apple cider vinegar out on the counter, but this trick is rare and also works. Cut 2-3 pieces of citrus in half and place them on the rack inside the oven. Leave the oven door open for a few hours, or overnight. When you’re ready, close the door and turn the broiler on. After that, let the oven cool off, toss the citrus and clean the base of the oven. The flies should be gone now and your kitchen will also smell great!