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5-Year-Old Girl Saves Mom From Drowning After She Suffers Seizure In Swimming Pool

By Karly Carpena
March 25, 2016

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A 5-year-old girl rushed to save her drowning mother after she suffered a seizure in the pool and it was all caught on camera!

Allison Anderwald was swimming with her mom when she suddenly suffered a seizure in the middle of the pool and started to drown. Allison, who was by the edge of the pool at the time, noticed her mom in trouble, dove in and started pulling her mom to the shallow end of the pool.

Given her size, it took several tries, but she didn’t give up and once she got her mom to the shallow end, she turned her mom over pulled her head above the water and ran inside to get help. The girl’s heroic actions were caught on surveillance footage.

Allison’s sisters and her aunt, Tedra Hunt, came running out to help Tracy and they got her out and called 911. Tedra thinks it’s a miracle Allison managed to get her mom to safety all on her own, given how heavy Tracy was for her to pull out of the water.