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5 Prison Stories That Show What It’s REALLY Like Behind Bars…

By Karly Carpena
June 10, 2016


A recent post on Imgur about what life is really like behind bars has gone viral. User ‘CrashedEgo‘ was the victim of an abusive and alcoholic father. Here is his story:

When I was twenty (almost ten years ago) I was woken up by my father, who was very abusive my whole life at this point, woke me up by charging into my house yelling death threats, I slept with loaded guns and I rolled out of bed and shot him dead at my door. I turned myself over to police and later plead guilty to manslaughter which landed me a sentence of over ten years.

I’m in Canada and due to the amount of force I used and our lack of castle laws I was not able to plead self defense.


6The day shit got real

We had a long covered walk way between facilities (work out room, mess hall, etc.), that stretch had a lot of shit go down in it, the only place more violent is the mess hall, there were four units in this pen, only two of them got to interact with each other on rec periods the rest of the time units were segregated from one another with one exception: breakfast.

I had been in the pen for about three months, other than getting in a couple fights it had been pretty quiet, until breakfast on this morning, I was standing in line waiting for my meal tray and I can hear some bustling right behind me, in situations like this it is dangerous as fuck to look around for what’s going on, if you draw the guards attention when guys are up to something you will get stabbed, maybe not now, but you will.

I hear a muffled cry from the guy behind me, and then the chatter stopped and I get bumped by a guy that’s masked up shiving the guy behind me in line. I can tell you right now that the single worst sound I have heard is a man gurgling on his own blood.

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