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5 Kidnapping Survivors Share Their Terrifying Stories

By Karly Carpena
February 11, 2016

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People on Reddit were asked if they have ever been kidnapped and to share their experiences.

I come from a rich family and was kidnapped while I was fixing my motocross bike in my garage….. My garage, let that sink in. Pretty sure it was an inside job because the TWO armed guards at the gate had to “suddenly” go to the toilet and “forgot” to lock the auto gate system, but anyway.

The kidnappers were actually pretty nice to me and didn’t really hurt me other then bag over the head and handcuffs, they kept me fed and I had plenty of water. I was with them for a total of 5 days while my parents got together the ransom (I shit you not it was like the movies in terms of the drop off) and that was the end of that, got home safe and sound with no injuries. They were never caught as I suspect they were part of a crime ring as they were very professional in terms of what they did and how they did it.

My situation was kind of a kidnapping, by my mother.

My parents separated when I was in second grade, but didn’t finalize the divorce until the summer before sixth grade. In fifth grade, I was living with my dad and visiting my mom on weekends.

Easter Weekend, my mom handcuffed me to a bed and wouldn’t let me go home. When my dad came to get me she told him I didn’t want to live with him anymore, but was too shy to tell him myself. This was believable because I hate(d) confrontation.

She kept me handcuffed to the bed for a few days; I guess waiting for me to calm down. She’d escort me to the bathroom, and kept me fed and watered.

One morning while my mom was asleep, I was able to wiggle my hand out of the cuff, and I ran away to a gas station and called my dad at a payphone. I don’t even know how I knew his number. My dad came to get me immediately, but my mom had woken up and followed me. It was the closest gas station and I walked up there all the time growing up. She got there before my dad did, and was screaming at me and trying to pull me into her car.

My dad eventually came, and I pushed my mom down and jumped into his car. We drove off, headed back to his house. On the way home, we were stopped and surrounded by several cop cars – I don’t remember how many. Apparently my mother had called the cops, saying my DAD had kidnapped me. The cops kept asking me questions, but I was crying so much I was probably unintelligible. I don’t remember how everything was resolved. My dad didn’t get in trouble, but amazingly neither did my mom. She remained a constant toxic presence in my life until shortly after my 23rd birthday, when I cut her out completely.

Years ago, I was 16 and early for school so I went to my secret journaling spot behind a Burger King that was across the street from my school. I sat down and started writing in my journal. A few minutes later this older dude walks up. He asks “Hey, do you like marijuana?“ and shows me a large bag full of mex weed. Being a dumb 16 year old stoner, I say “sure”. He says “let’s smoke in my truck” and points to an old yellow truck parked in the corner of the empty parking lot. I told him that I didn’t want to get in his truck but we could sit behind it and smoke. He was ok with that and we sat in the corner of the parking lot and he rolled a joint.

We smoked about half of the joint and he said “I think I hear the cops, let’s get in the truck!” I was mildly paranoid, and dumb enough to go along with it. We sat in his truck and continued smoking the joint. Eventually, he says “no school for you today” and reaches over me to lock my door. I didn’t like that and unlocked the door and told him that I was indeed going to school, as he began to pull out of the parking lot.

I screamed, “Stop the f***ing car!” a few times but it became clear that he wasn’t going to as he turned onto the main road and began to accelerate. I opened the door and dived out onto the street. He wasn’t going too fast yet, so I was ok.

I proceeded to go to school and not tell anyone but a few close friends. I really regret this looking back. That predator should have been reported but I was afraid to get in trouble because of the weed.

When I was a boy about 10 years old, one day I was riding my bike along a busy road. An older boy stepped in front of me, stopping me, and took over riding with me on the back. Rode us to a couple of miles to a secluded spot near railway tracks, sexually assaulted me at knife-point, robbed me of the few dollars I had, and eventually released me.

I told nobody about this, not for another 10 years. That’s had some lifelong repercussions, I think. It affected how I felt about myself, sex, and other relationships. It was a mistake not to talk about it and seek help. In my catholic family, sex was taboo, and I felt as though I had transgressed and couldn’t talk about it. I am not making the same mistake with my children.

I was 3 blocks away from my home. I was ten years old and riding my bike. My shoelace got stuck in my chain and I stopped in front of a Christmas tree farm. A van pulled up and a man slid open the sliding door and pulled me into the van. My shoes were still attached to my bike chain so he ripped off my shoes and threw me in. The man drove 15 feet before the old man who owned the farm, who witnessed what happened to me, fired his gun into the front end of the car. He disabled the car and yanked me out of the car and called the police.