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35 Things You Never Knew About Playboy’s Hugh Hefner…

By Karly Carpena
August 5, 2016

Adult magazine publishing giant, Hugh Hefner, is the founder of popular men’s magazine Playboy. He is famous for being a philanderer and always throwing glitzy parties at his Playboy mansion.

The self-made millionaire has another side that many do not know about. Here are 35 facts about the man behind the famous bunny brand. #11 may surprise you.

1 He wrote and illustrated his own comic book titled School Daze when he was in high school.


2 He was born in Chicago, Illinois on April 9, 1926. He describes his parents Grace Caroline and Glenn Lucius as “conservative, Midwestern, Methodist.”


3 Hugh married his college sweetheart Mildred Williams in 1949.


4 Mildred confessed to cheating on Hugh prior to their wedding. He describes the confession as the “most devastating moment of my life.”


5 Despite always having multiple girlfriends with him, Hugh has been married three times. He has four children from the first two marriages.