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3-Year-Old Finds Her Pregnant Mom Unconscious & Saves Her Life

By Karly Carpena
January 5, 2016

When a pregnant mother named Catherine Bazzard fell down the stairs and landed on both her stomach and her head, she was struggling to regain consciousness.

Luckily for Catherine, her 3-year-old daughter Emma, picked up the phone and called 999 (British equivalent to the United States’ 911) according to a December 2015 report by the BBC.

Sarah Morris, the 999 operator, was surprised at how calm Emma during the 11-minute call, according to the BBC. “I think she’s such a clever, amazing little girl,” Morris added.

Because Bazzard landed on her stomach, her placenta ruptured and the impact likely started the labor process, according to the Daily Telegraph

The Telegraph reports that after paramedics arrived at the scene, proper drugs were administered to Bazzard and she did not deliver until near her due date. Due to her bravery, 3-year-old Emma will be getting an award!

“I do not recall a great deal about the incident, but by all accounts Emma was absolutely amazing and so knowledgeable and calm,” Bazzard said.