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28-Year-Old Posts THIS Photo On Social Media. When You See The Rest? DISGUSTING!

By Karly Carpena
July 28, 2016

Sarah Louise Bryan was homeless just over a year ago after she could no longer afford to pay her rent. The former beautician had to asks for favors from friends for a place to sleep at night with her two young children: ‘I got pregnant at 14 and have a 13-year-old son. Just a year ago I had nothing – I was penniless.’


One night before falling asleep, Bryan came up with a very ‘interesting’ idea…To create a dress made entirely out of Skittles. Sarah spent six hours every day for a month creating the garment, which is made up of 145 bags of Skittles held together with 90 tubes of glue.


After posting a picture of the colourful creation on social media, the image went viral and Sarah’s talents were spotted by clothing company Ripleys. The company were so impressed with the amateur designer’s dress that they asked her to create her own collection of handbags and dresses, called the Sarah Louise Bryan range.


Her next creation was a dress made entirely pubic hair! Yes, you heard that right…Click the CONTINUE button below to see what it looks like…DISGUSTING!