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22 Secret Starbucks Drinks You Never Knew Existed

By Karly Carpena
August 10, 2016


1 The Hulk Drink

Green Tea Frappuccino with a banana with a scoop of protein blended in, and two pumps of raspberry. —Eli Hoovler

2 Mint Chocolate Chip Frapuccino

Three matcha powder scoops, one protein scoop, two peppermint pumps, two mocha pumps (one in the the bottom of the cup and one in the blender), two scoops of java chips, coconut milk, light whip, mocha drizzle on top, cream base and blend. — Holly Williams

3 Raspberry Latte

Two pumps of rasberry into a latte. Most people don’t know you can get the flavor year round. — Emily E. M. Crawford

4 The Sore Throat Soother

Steamed apple juice with two shots of liquid Chai and one shot of classic sweetener. — Mike Zinzahnknow

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