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Here Is What A $21,000 First Class Ticket Buys You

By Karly Carpena
September 21, 2016

Have you ever gotten the luxury of traveling First Class on an airplane? Bet you think there was no way it could get any better. Well you are wrong. Very wrong.


Popular vlogger Casey Neistat was recently upgraded to a $21,000 first class seat on Emirates Airlines. No you did not read that wrong. This ticket costs $21,000 – thats more money than a lot of people make in a single year. Some how, some way, Casey was able to get the upgrade free of charge and he shares his entire experience with the world.

Highlights of Casey’s trip include but by no means are limited to:


Big screen TV




Glendfiddich 21-year-old malt, Grey Goose Vodka


A shower, yes a freaking shower.


A bed with a pillow and a duvet, Slippers and Pajamas


Extra Extra Legroom

Other great menu items include: Smoked mackerel with wasabi mayonnaise on pumpernickel, Marinated feta with eggplant and an extensive list of gourmet food none of us quite understand

Having serious Fomo? Me too, just wait till you see his video that covores the entire experience

“It really does change your whole relationship with travel, when you take the most painful part of traveling and instead of that being a terrible experience, it goes from pain to pleasurable,” Neistat says.

Check out his full video below: