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20 Clothing Hacks You Wish You Knew About Years Ago…

By Karly Carpena
August 5, 2016

I’ve owned some of my favorite pairs of jeans and shoes for years and still get compliments like “Where did you get those?” or “When did you get new shoes?”. The truth is that there are ways to help keep old clothing items looking brand new using household items.

These helpful clothing hacks will keep your favorite old pair of heels looking like you just bought them from the department store! Check out the list below and make sure to SHARE these tips with your friends on Facebook:

1 Give your leather shoes more shine by applying a small amount of moisturizer with a towel. This will also help if you have scratches on the leather.


2 You’ve been wearing your ankle boots wrong all this time. Don’t try to stretch your jean legs over the boot, instead fold the bottom into a cuff and show off those ankles.


3 Hand wash your delicates with a salad spinner. It will take out the excess water out of your delicates like bras, cashmere, and silk.


4 Save your red wine stained clothes by using club soda to remove it.


5 Instead of trying on every pair of pants for fit, wrap the pant waist to your neck. Your waist and neck are the same size.


6 Use a thin elastic band wrapped through the zipper and loop it to the waist button. This will keep your zipper up at all times.


7 Put your gorgeous angora garment in a ziplock bag, freeze it for three hours to stop the item from shedding.


8 Wear printed or lace tights under the ripped jeans for a total new, edgier look.


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