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14 Celebrities who look completely different without makeup

By Karly Carpena
November 29, 2016

Juliette Lewis: If you have been watching Secrets and Lies on ABC, Juliette Lewis does look a little rough but that is how the character is meant to look. In real life, she is rocking some pretty good skin in that natural look, especially for someone in their 40’s.


Tori Spelling: Sometimes women wear way too much makeup, as if their face is that bad and they need to cover it up. Tori has too much makeup on in the right photo, especially when she doesn’t look half bad without makeup on.


Katie Holmes: Being married to Tom Cruise can age a girl, as you can see with those eyes when Katie’s wearing no makeup. However, Katie Holmes does have some pretty good skin and would probably look better with a smile on that face!