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19 Ways To Use Hair Conditioner Other Than For Your Hair

By Karly Carpena
September 8, 2016

Hair conditioner is a staple in many showers. But there are other uses for conditioner that you probably didn’t know about:

1Shoe care

Those white lines from snow and salt that appear on your shoes during the winter months are really annoying. Try working a little conditioner into the leather beforehand and they shouldn’t be a problem.



Did you accidentally wash your favorite wool sweater on warm and now it’s tiny? Put it in a bucket filled with water and a tablespoon of conditioner. Once the sweater is fully soaked, you can gently stretch it out. Unfortunately, this trick doesn’t always work.


3Hand wash items

Those extra sensitive articles of clothing that can only be hand washed will love a little conditioner. Make sure you use room temperature water and rinse the fabrics really well before hanging your items up to dry.