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12 Platform Shoes You Wore Back In High School That You Would NEVER Wear Today

By Karly Carpena
August 1, 2016

Sit down in front of a mirror. Now look at yourself and ask this…”What was I thinking?” Most likely you were just following the fashion trend in the 90s, but when you look back it’s crazy to imagine being able to walk in some of these!


1Mia Chunky Sandals

These were cute and all, but they were notorious for ruining recess. Why design a sole with the perfect-sized slots for tiny rocks, wood chips, and pea gravel to get stuck in?!


2Chunky Platform Loafers

Thank you, Rachel from “Friends,” for helping inspire a trend that gave all of us who were waiting for our growth spurts to give us some added height.


3Sketchers Platforms

We can’t even look at that “S” without thinking “back to school shopping.”