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15 Of The Creepiest Stories That Will Haunt Your Dreams

By Karly Carpena
July 6, 2016

Some of these stories will haunt you in your sleep! From a mutant spider to a mass murderer who would pick up victims at bars by sketching them drawings, we’ve compiled a list of 15 extremely creepy stories…

1Calls from the dead


In September 2008, a horrible train accident in Los Angeles resulted in the deaths of 25 people. One passenger killed was Charles E. Peck on his way to a job interview from his home in Salt Lake City. His fiancé lived in California and was optimistic that he would find a job and relocate. The day after the crash, Peck’s mobile phone made calls to his fiancé, his son, brother, stepmother, and sister. In total, family members received 35 calls from Peck’s number.

Upon answering all they would hear would be static. When they called back, the calls would go straight to voicemail. They had high hopes that Peck somehow survived and was trapped, trying to call for help. The search team finally found his body in a front passenger car. From his injuries they concluded that he had died on impact and couldn’t have possibly made the calls. What’s more peculiar is that his mobile phone was never recovered.

2The cell phone stalkers


In 2007, various families in Washington began reporting a series of cell phone calls where frighteningly detailed death threats were being made. The callers would threaten to slit their throats in their sleep, kill their children or grandchildren.

The mysterious callers always knew exactly where the families were, what they were doing, and what they were wearing. The calls would come at all hours of the night, some including recordings of private conversations made by family members, one of which was actually with a police detective.

Police were baffled as to the identities of the terrifying callers. When trying to trace the calls, police were often led to cell phones of other families who were receiving the same calls. The case was never solved and who or how they were able to torment the families for so long is unknown.

3The true story of “The Entity”


Have you ever seen the 1982 film, The Entity? It’s about a mother who is raped and tormented by a spectral being. Did you know it was based on the 1974 true story of Doris Bither? That makes the movie even creepier to watch! For years, Bither claimed that the poltergeist made living absolutely horrendous for her and her children. Her children claim it all began when their mother was playing with a Ouija board and invoked a response.

However it started, Bither was beaten, tossed around and sexually assaulted, sometimes in view of her children who were powerless to aid their mother. Paranormal investigators were called in to investigate and, over a two month period, they witnessed incredible occurrences. They challenged the entity and it responded with throwing objects around, strange light phenomena and a green mist that materialized in the partial form of a large man, in full view of investigators. What happened in that Los Angeles suburb has never been explained.

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