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15 Crazy Coincidences In Human History That’ll Make You Say WTF Out Loud

By Karly Carpena
July 5, 2016

1Rajkumar Rao starred in a film called “Shahid” at one point in 2013. Literally just days later, Shahid Kapoor appeared in the film “R. Rajumar.” Some casting directors were probably left scratching their heads on how they messed that one up.


2This Indian politician had things come full circle in a very bizarre fashion. He was re-instated exactly a year after he resigned from office. A lot can happen in just 365 days.


3These twins were both killed by the same taxi driver. The weird part is they weren’t together during the accident. It was two separate accidents. It gets even weirder though. The taxi was carrying the same passenger both times, and both the brothers were killed riding the same moped.


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